Writing Train’s Aims

• My Writing Train WORKSHOP PHILOSOPHY goes a bit like this…
Via my writing classes and workshops, I aim to
• Facilitate and foster writing communities that work for writers’ real needs. Do this in part by allowing the dynamic created in a workshop or class to continue from term to term.
• Facilitate group to support each other around the class meetings.
• By making classes and workshops longer-term learning environments, encourage long lasting writing communities to develop. Let new students join each term, matching newcomers with the right group as carefully as a good party-host. (Or matchmaker!) Give newcomers access to a warm core group that’s grateful for new energy, talent, questions and opinions.
• Keep it fun and relaxed.
• Be absolutely honest and be honest in supportive ways.
• Share all our resources.
• Support participants in going for every other opportunity they can find: other workshops, publication, and competitions.
• Let everyone be heard. Work honestly and sincerely with all questions and ideas raised, and every piece of work that appears before us.
• Help group members reach THEIR potential, not my or any one else’s idea of that potential.
• Have fun.
• Create taught inputs that respond to students’ particular needs. Take every student question seriously.
• Group also takes on responsibility to support each member and help answer each member’s questions and needs.
• Create writing events, readings and creative exchange opportunities. Run these together.
• Keep these relaxed and open to all-comers. Yvonne, or guest tutor reads alongside students at these events.
• We stay aware that we are all always learning from each other.
• We have fun.
• Create and make available the best possible reading resources. Support workshop members with on-going tips and kick-starts.
• Encourage participants to stay connected to events and their on-line group after course ends. Maintain a “Pay Once” philosophy re resources in on-line student centre and access to WRITING TRAIN on-line community. Once you’ve taken a term of classes, on-line resources and on-line community is available to you always.
• Keep things organic. Offer flexibility re classes running over time, if the situation requires it.
• Fit you into the right class. If you’re not happy, give you the chance to try every other class I run at the right level for you.
• Always be looking for more flexible and imaginative ways to support the writers in my classes and beyond. Create options that suit students. Be bespoke!
• Occasionally, take the class to the park, to a café, to the pub, to someone’s home. Run retreats in response to students’ suggestions.
• Make it a priority to find gorgeous, atmospheric venues that are also suitable for our needs.
• Be human and give a personal service but still a wonderful and professional one, in creative terms.
• Do it all on creative terms!
• Give you access to all I am learning in my own practice, as I am learning it.
• Do everything I can to help you write like you. But never attempt to make you write like me.
• Facilitate so that as far as possible, we learn together.
• Keep learning from you!
• Keep improving my skills as a writing teacher, and as a writer, the better to guide you.
• Help you, as writers, to seize the day!


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