Inishbofin Jaunt Writing Holidays 2014


Inspiration, guidance, peace and fun. And Bofin!


The Inishbofin Jaunts, September 2014.


Please excuse my appearance while I remember how to work wordpress. I’ve been too long on Bofin this summer! But if you’d like the basics of the info on BOFIN JAUNTS for September, just click here:


Then read on for more detail:


1 week retreat with daytimes set aside for writing, walking. thinking etc. On 5 nights of our week we will have  Think Tank troubleshooting and skill-sharing sessions together as a group.

Tuition fee €240. For those currently enrolled in a Writing Train course a special discounted fee applies. Please get in touch for details.

Accommodation cost:

Get in touch for exact details, but budget for €290 self catering one week and €350 B and B ( the sooner you authorise me to book, the better deal I can get for you!)

 START TO WRITE on INISHBOFIN:  13-18 September

From Saturday evening 13th Sept to Thursday morning Sept 18th.

Four x 3 hour intensive morning sessions with me, getting you writing, helping you find material and introducing you to all the short written forms: short story, essay, poem, tiny play. On one afternoon we will take an optional group excursion (in previous trips we have e.g. visited the nearby uninhabited island of Inishark and taken a boat trip around Bofin’s coastline. Budget for €40 travel cost for this optional trip). On one evening we will read together some short pieces written during the course. Expect to finish  a draft of one piece in one of the short forms listed above and to have begun a number of other pieces during our time together.

From 1 p.m. to an optional group dinner-time of 7.00 / 7.30 nightly, your day will be your own. But both myself and my assistant will be delighted to advise you on walks, bike hire, trekking, heritage centre visit, good places to swim etc. The presence of the group ensures there is always a kindred spirit around if you want company in any of this free time. At the same time, with the peaceful and easygoing nature of this trip, should you wish to spend a lot of time by yourself that will be absolutely understood.

Inspiration, guidance, peace and fun. And Bofin!


Contact me at any time in re the details of the Jaunts on 086 1701418 and I have been running writing trips to Bofin for 7 years and writing classes around Ireland for 23, so I am sure I’ll be able to facilitate both your writing dreams and a wonderful Inishbofin time!


“If you are thinking of going, just go! Just go!” Debbie Gilbert, U.S.A., Summer Bofin Jaunt 2012.








6 Responses to Inishbofin Jaunt Writing Holidays 2014

  1. Marie Cadden says:

    Yvonne, I’m very tempted by your Bofin workshop 6th – 13th – wondering how many places you’ve left as I’m trying to sort out family commitments before I can book! I’ve been writing for 7-8 years, attended Kevin Higgins Advanced Poetry Workshop, published in journals, shortlisted for various prizes and won the Cuirt New Writing Prize 2011. I’ve slowed down/dried up rather in the past year – easy to give all sorts of valid reasons – but could do with a kick-start to get me up and running again! And I love Inisbofin, live in Spiddal, Co. Galway.
    In anticipation, Marie

    • yvonnecullen says:

      Dear Maria,
      I’m delighted you’re tempted! I still have 3 spaces at this stage and a nice mix of poets and prose writers. A fab poet from my Dublin workshops, a lovely essayist and fiction writer, a fine short story writer, a writer of lovely warm memoir, travel and personal pieces and a novelist are all in the mix at the moment!

      I’d love to have a go at giving you that kick start. They tell me I’m pretty good at it. Last trip’s feedback included the very lovely:”Just what I needed to get my project going again!”

      Accommodation is in individual rooms ( either ensuite or lovely and big with double beds, same fee applies for either option) in our group house. It will be a quiet house during the day, that will be the house policy, and there will be a living room and a dining room to write in as well as your own room. Down the road is Murrays’ hotel, where, if you want to write in the middle of a crowd ( it can work great!) you can bring your laptop and earplugs and sit in the conservatory or in an armchair in the inner sitting room there and no one will pay you any attention! And I will add as a final inducement that my poetry students have won the Hennessy, Kavanagh and Listowel prizes and one lovely poet whose work I have supported and workshopped will be published by Bloodaxe next year! If you want to book, paypal works great for me or phone banking ( I can send you account number to an email). If you need to give me a ring, 086 1701418.Best! Yvonne Cullen

    • yvonnecullen says:

      Dear Maria,
      Just to flag for you that the Bofin Jaunt will ride again from 29th Dec to 4th Jan! If you are looking for a writing getaway, consider it! I’m inviting friends of the Train and current students first. At the weekend I’ll get it into the Irish Times. Accommodation is scarce so I’ll probably fill it very fast and cap it at about 8-10 participants. Let me know if you want to know more!
      Yvonne Cullen

  2. stephpep56 says:

    Hi Am wondering if you will be running a writing course on Bofin any time in 2015, thamks in anticipation

    • yvonnecullen says:

      Hi Steph, Yes, Bofin courses planned for 23-28 May, 1-8 June and 5-12 and 12-19 September. I’m also currently researching doing an INISHTURK JAUNT in August. Hallowee’n Jaunt to Bofin or Inishmore is also on the cards. I’m taking bookings for the May and June Jaunts now: €625 practically all-in (accommodation,breakfasts and lunches, taxi to your billet, tuition). We cook several dinners together in pairs, and as a result, the only certain further cost is travel to Bofin (€20 boat return, €20 bus Dublin-Galway return for e.g., and €20 bus from Galway to the ferry port return). 4 days intensive START TO WRITE tuition looking at all the short imaginative forms, plus guidance on walks and lots of other lovely down-time experiences to be had on Bofin.The event will be followed by a lovely festival on June BH weekend at which I am reading. I would highly recommend the INISH festival, and recommend you think of staying on to attend it after our trip. A full weekend festival pass is just €80 and lets you into a great array of readings, talks,and top-flight musical events. You can email me at for further info.

    • yvonnecullen says:

      Hi Steph, Yes, June Jaunt 1-5 of June, and SEPT Jaunts 5-12 and 12-19 Sept. Also INISHTURK JAUNTS 18-25 JULY and 15-22 AUGUST. See the poster in the latest blog post for details or email me at!

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