JUNE BH Bofin Writing Jaunt lines up with fantastic island festival!

https://yvonnecullen.files.wordpress.com/2016/04/summer-bofin-writing-jaunts.pdf Bofin Jaunt JUNE 2-9 coincides with fantastic INISH-ISLAND CONVERSATIONS festival. Take a couple of short sharp writing classes with me each day from Friday through Sunday 2-4 June. Around those, hear astounding music from Mairtin O’Connor, Contempo String Quartet, Doug Paisley, Elisa Rodruiges and Pedro Vidal, Stunning jazz piano from Martin Tingvall, the Whileaways, Jack L, Larry Beau, watch the best of cultural documentaries on Maire Mac an tSaoi and the fishermen of Ireland’s north Atlantic islands, hear Kevin Barry, Theo Dorgan, Claire Kilroy, Bernard O’Donoghue, Andrew McNeillie, Olwen Foure, Michael and Edna Longley … Meet like minds, walk and eat and have the odd pint, and scribble down odd thoughts… And from Monday thru Wednesday, after all that cultural fertilization is over, intensify your writing training with me, building up to a celebratory performance of our own in the Galley Cafe on the island on Wednesday night June 8th. Depart for home Thurs a.m. June 9th. For further info and to book, email yvonnesworkshops@gmail.com or phone 0861701418. See timetable here for further island trips this summer (INISHTURK THROUGH JULY, BOFIN AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER).

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