The early bookers get the deals… and thoughts on fishing holes and creativity!

293b50592d2ed6045e4c77b880926d7031 January EARLY BOOKING INCENTIVE DEADLINE! ANY COURSE STARTING FROM 1st MARCH, at 2015 fees (I.E. less 5% of advertised fee), if booked and fully paid by 31/1. Next similar offer will be 31/3 for courses from July 2. Apart from offering a good deal, booking now is the main way to ensure you get a place in your course of choice. If thinking of booking on for the Advanced sessions: many Writing Train participants return from term to term. At entry level, the History to Story course is limited to 8. Finally, the START TO WRITE and NOVELISTS’ RETREATS on the Writing Jaunts are limited to 8 places at each level per trip. To be in with a chance of a place and accommodation on these trips, early booking is especially vital. It can also often make the difference between a trip being feasible to organize and not. So let “book early!” be your watchword: )

And now that’s said, to creativity again! Thinking about it as last year ended one thing has been striking me: I believe it’s all around us all the time; I believe to be in the world, moving through it is to move through a creative element constantly. With a door in the back of the head we have a choice about leaving open. Leave it open, even just ajar and the world will keep moving you. It is, after all, as I think Annie Dillard wrote, always trying to jump start your imagination. Just leave the door open. And if nothing else for now, then as Miroslav Holub wrote in a similar mode of thought: “at least there’ll be a draft.

If you have a different visual for this habit, I’d love to hear you comment on it below. Maybe one of you thinks of creative activity as a comparable act to sitting patiently with your fishing rod dropped into a fishing hole. That would be handy, as it was with a picture of an Inuit woman fishing that I planned to decorate this post: ). And here she be, turning up in case the world’s sending something by. Wishing you the patience for that, this season and the fruits.
x Y

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