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A lovely programme of classes, with the benefit of taking place in a couple of segments  across the summer: this class also happens in the nicest airiest, most peaceful ( and one of the most centrally– not to mention culturally– located) cafes in town!
In my infinite if at at times slightly eccentric wisdom: ), this is what I have decided to offer on Saturday mornings at the N.L.I. this term. A slight tweak to the info in the timetable above.
This course will now consist of 9 meetings across the summer, starting on May 24. It will begin with an extra long session of 2.5-2.75 hours in week one, to get you ready to work by yourselves for the two following weeks. First session will also supply you with lots of materials, tailored writing and creative challenges plus a complimentary copy of ALL GOOD THINGS BEGIN, the fab anthology of new writing I had the honour of editing in 2006.  The two WEEKS OFF to get a batch of writing done will then fall in: May 31 and June 7. In my experience, having some time out allows you to absorb what you’re learning and to really make the most of the course.
We will regroup on Saturday 14th June and run as follows: JUNE 14, 21,28, July 5, 12, 19. We will close for the following two weeks  We will have two further sessions on dates in August that best suit the majority of you.
The fee for this 9 session course, with the extra long first meeting and anthology and the two gaps in the timeframe for own-time writing will be €210.
To book, email or phone me, Yvonne Cullen,  on 086 1701418
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