Writing Trains picking up passengers in next couple of weeks include:

My workshops are called Writing Train for a reason.  Over the years, I’ve developed a flexible approach including absolutely tailored classes and classes that each provide distinct units of learning. If you need to start a few weeks late and take a few sessions at the start of next term, or mix and match between the classes on offer each week that’s not a problem either. Sometimes moving from group to group will be the best thing you could do for your writing. And if I sense that, I’ll say it to you!

Right now, I have some trains in motion that would perfectly suit late hoppers-on! So if you’re interested but just weren’t able to hit my most recent start dates, here’s the information.

The “History to Story “researched writing” course in NLI’s Cafe Joly is welcoming joiners this Thurs. 2 pm. Join now for 4 sessions of inspiration, learning and fun with tutor Yvonne Cullen. Fee: €115.

Saturday afternoon START TO WRITE in Cafe Joly NLI is accepting joiners this Sat p.m. Four meetings full of kickstarts, craft, ‘reading as writers,’ motivation and fun €115.

Friday night Writing Train at Home workshop in Glasthule: Join a group of prose writers ( fiction and non-fiction) including one or two with little interest in exploring poetry. Advanced prose workshop with discussion and craft tips plus support for members wishing to try out forms new to them. 3 spaces in this 8-person workshop which takes place by the open fire in my living room in Glasthule. Four Friday nights before Christmas and five after.  Sessions from 2.5 to 3 hours depending on what we need to do each week. And tea on tap all evening! Fee: €250.

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