Boasting. No other word for what you’re about to get from me.

I’ve boasted on my Yvonne Cullen facebook page. I’ve boasted on the Yvonne Cullen’s Writing Train facebook page. And I’ve almost clocked off for the night without remembering to boast on the blog. And what’s the boast? I’m glad you asked! And this is the boast right here.  TWO out of the twelve fiction writers selected for Richard Bausch’s workshop at the Dun Laoghaire Mountains to Sea literary festival next week are from my Dublin Thursday night advanced workshop. Pretty good percentage says I! Hoping there’ll be a good clather of us at the festival next Thursday night.

On Saturday 9th  I’ll meet  a friend of 17 years’ standing, at the same Lit Fest, as we’re both doing  the Ilya Kaminsky poetry workshop there. There’s never any knowing what you’ll learn or take away from these kinds of days. This friend and I are meeting at this event in a nod to our first meeting, in summer 1995. At a poetry workshop.

So if you see this post and are within reach of Dun Laoghaire, come out to Mountains to Sea, Poetry Now and Poetry Fringe. Find time to enjoy writing’s blessedly convivial side!

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