Writing Train writers read at the WRITING SALOON!

Here’s a blast from last winter in Sweny’s Chemist’s, Westland Row, on one of the sixteen Saloons we’ve run for emerging writers at Writing Train since May 2010!
Audio clip available from the bauld Regan Hutchins, AKA Safari Kent, radio man, at the following url. ( visible at end of this post). When I am skilled technically, I’ll be scary, but for now I’m saying: copy and paste to new browser window, thanks!

For more of this kind of atmosphere, there’ll be a mid-Autumn Saloon for sure, and if you’d like total immersion in the Writing Train Way of doing things, there’s only one thing for it – INISHBOFIN! The Writing Jaunts to Inishbofin are booking up steadily, thanks to our lovely Irish TImes mention, a very nice piece in yesterday’s Connaught Tribune, many brochures and posters around Dublin and the all-round goodness of the idea. Not to mention the fact that we’ll be based a minute’s walk from two of the most beautiful and peaceful beaches in Europe, or that I’m planning to bring the Writing Train gramophone and some Benny Goodman tunes.

Poet and gardener Carmel Ennis told me that the very pairing of the words Inishbofin and Jaunt made her feel happy! And if Carmel’s happy, I’m happy, because wasn’t it Carmel who introduced me to Paavo Haaivikko’s writing, very fitting if you were considering an inspiring trip, and whether to take it…

“And I asked the way of
the bird I am myself
and the bird replied:
leave early – soon as the leaves
burst out of night.”

And I wouldn’t normally be too keen on the “write about bird, add picture of bird” school of blogging, but this is the magical bird we’ll be out on Bofin tiptoe-ing around trying to overhear. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: the corncrake.  Now that’s a bird really worthy of Regan Hutchins’ hi-tech microphone.

Bofin brochure is under BOOKING THE INISHBOFIN JAUNT tab above!


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