“Sailing To An Island”…and writing on one too…

The Inishbofin Jaunts get a lovely mention in today’s Irish Times.

And so I’m thinking today about what it feels like to take off from your usual life in order to have some time for yourself – putting down your burden for a while, as Charles Wright has said it…What will happen?

On the Inishbofin trips I’ll aim for you to open up a box of new and exciting creative skills. And more importantly – and this is where Inishbofin itself will do some of the work for me, and for us all –  I’ll hope for you that the trip will give you time to think about the creativity you want in your life, and about how you are going to create the space for it. The way the groups and events are shaping up for both weekends as well – I don’t feel I need to be a fortune teller to tell you you are going to have a ball if you come along with us!

Here, in celebration of the good times on Bofin ahead on our two weekends of 2 – 5 and 9-12 SEPT, is a little poem out of my notes from my own last trip west to CUIRT and Bofin in April. And your mission, if you’re coming to Bofin and you choose to accept it, will be to scribble some travel notes of your own on the road down as well – ‘dictation from yourself’ on how the travelling is feeling!

Heading west 


Still so glad to be on this road, the same

Barred-gate-lover, frieze-of-hawthorns –lover

tussocky –field- lover, one-crow-lover

Happy here and happier over there

The same piece of grit, worked and moved

Inside this mother-of-pearl day.




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