What to do when stuck…


This morning I took a skirt apart. I sat at my kitchen counter with the skirt and a seam-ripper, found each stitch I needed to unpick, and I unstitched. Great fun, and the skirt has more hope of fitting now I’ve all the cloth available to me and can restitch along more generous lines. And I solved a writing problem while I was doing it, that I don’t think I’d ever have solved sitting picking at my writing. Getting down to what something was made of also reminded me that we put our writing together stitch by stitch. It may look smooth, smooth face up, but it can always be unpicked, loosened, recut, or have new bits stitched into it. Which makes me think of Jane Austen, who – sitting with her sewing out for cover, in case of callers – ¬†sometimes edited by stitching in hand -written changes just like that!


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