One-time-of-this-parish writers Yvonne Cassidy & Helena Nolan read in DALKEY BOOK FESTIVAL

It’s all in the heading, really! Yvonne C, who facilitated the one-day Novel course for me in Glasthule  last Sunday week, read beautifully and engaged really warmly with her audience in Dalkey on Sunday. It’s a great experience to sit and watch a writer do that, when you’ve also watched them in weekly workshops over a long timeframe. It’s the proof that the process DOES have endings and rewards! I’m looking forward to lots more of these kinds of readings!  I know Helena Nolan reads her gorgeous poems beautifully too – she really lives in them as she reads them, so I’m sure her Dalkey reading was just as special. Hurray for both, and I look forward to cheering the next passengers off the Train and into the world with their fine-crafted work ( which is where the train metaphor shows itself broke-down…run out of steam, ground to an etc etc…; )

(Yvonne Cassidy at back in white, talking to DLRCOCO arts official Carolyn Brown. And don’t forget, if it happens you’re a Dunlaoghaire person, deadline for Arts Grants from the Borough is July 7th!)

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