Start To Write Eight-Week course begins Feb 21st!

Start To Write 8-week course: starts Mon Feb 21st. Fee: €220. Runs: 6.30 – 9 p.m, City Arts Centre, Bachelors’ Walk.

3 places still available.

Kick-starts, advice and inspiration; the best of recommended reading, plus a chance to try out a number of short forms across our 8 week timeframe. You will also be invited to two Writing Saloon writers’ evenings in Sweny’s Chemist’s during that timeframe, and will be invited to read at one of these. But don’t let that worry you! We’ll take fun and relaxed approaches throughout this course. To the extent that if folks want to take turns bringing us cake to go with our tea, that will be encouraged! At the end of the 8 weeks you will have copious kick-starts and tips, a large number of pieces begun and some finished, and a network of peers to stay linked in with. You’ll also be in a position to access a place in a further workshop at next level at Writing Train.


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