All the arts…

I spend my writing time and my teaching life with words.

So when I’ve time to look about me for encouragement for my  creativity, my instinct is always first to look OUT, at all the other artforms round me rather than at yet more writing.  Looking outwards  in this way for guides on how to keep going, for inspiration, for new ways of looking at and doing all that I’m also trying, and for models of creative lives well and fully lived, I find there’s something, always,  at the core of any great art that’s ready to pull me magnetically onto my own track. It’s as if all the forms and media I find myself looking out towards have something like the same ley lines running through them, so they can all make us straighten up and fly right…

I feel lucky in this. But maybe we’re all doing it? Write and let me know if so!  How much more cheer it makes available anyway, having the entire community of worldwide artists in all forms to learn from! And maybe taking comfort and support from artists in other forms sometimes helps us keep our fragile word-work a little more protected when we need it to be than if we were out listening to other writers on writing ALL the time…

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One Response to All the arts…

  1. Margaret Costello says:

    Yvonne, It’s a joy in its own right to read your blogs. This one about other art forms bears out what I believe. I know that music is part of your life and that is enviable, I’ve no talents that way, but of course I can enjoy it, and do. I remember saying in class that I have a friend who is a talented artist, and I would like to think that my stories play the same part for me that her (much better) pictures play for her. Thanks so much for blogs, Margaret

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